Make your own furniture – Useful furniture from cardboard

In this course, you will learn how to build furniture completely by yourself, using free and commonplace material – cardboard.

Why make furniture from cardboard?

  • You will be able to build furniture by yourself

  • you can make furniture from free material, instead of buying ready-made and expensive furniture

  • Design a piece of furniture exactly the size that fits your space

  • Make furniture that will be unique and will amaze your friends.

  • Get tremendous satisfaction from your creation

  • You don’t need large spaces or carpentry skills, you can build furniture even on a table in a small apartment

You will learn in this course

  • How to build sturdy objects from cardboard that can carry weight

  • What are the correct steps for building a piece of furniture from cardboard

  • What do you take into account when designing a piece of furniture

  • How to make rounded parts from cardboard

  • How to make drawers and boxes for storage

  • How to get a clean finish for the product

  • How to paint cardboard furniture so it will look like wood

Cardboard furniture? Is it strong enough?

Yes very much, I have some such furniture that I built years ago and they are still useful. In the course, I teach the principles of building with cardboard so that its strength is properly utilized and thus it is possible to make strong furniture that carries weight.

It’s cardboard, can the furniture be cleaned?

Definitely. We will paint the furniture with acrylic paint that will give it a good protective layer against moisture. Then you can clean the furniture with a wet cloth.

What does it take to build? I didn’t study carpentry and I don’t have a large workshop

I don’t have either. You don’t need a spacious workshop or heavy tools. You can build cardboard furniture even on the table in a small apartment, and the main materials are cardboard, a cutting knife, and glue.

What materials and tools are needed to make cardboard furniture?

  • Cardboard from large packages that you can find on the street

  • A cutting knife

  • A cutting mat, but you can also use simple cardboard

  • PVA glue (simple white school glue)

  • A ruler – preferably a long one (60-90 cm)

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Gummed paper tape, but you can also use simple paper instead.

What will we build in the course?

To learn all the steps of building furniture in detail, we will learn how to build a small cabinet with drawers.

But it is not necessary to build this cabinet exactly, you can apply the information to another piece of furniture of your design.

I will also demonstrate the making of a royal chair, and in the process, we will learn how to build rounded shapes with cardboard.

I will finish with a demonstration of building a shelving unit with storage boxes.

Will I know how to build other types of cardboard furniture?

Certainly, the principles learned in the course can be applied to a wide variety of furniture.

Making furniture sounds complicated

It is very simple. We learn step by step, and every step is simple to understand and perform. And in the end, you will have an admirable piece of furniture that you built yourself.

And if there are failures? You can always fix it, it’s just cardboard.

The main thing is to enjoy the process and creation, we don’t look for perfection.

You can watch the lessons whenever you want, preferably on a computer screen, but you can also use your phone.

Everyone creates at their own pace, and you can go back and watch the lessons again, or parts of them when you want to remember.

The videos are divided according to the different topics, so if you want to return to a certain topic it is easy to find it and watch it again.

* The videos may contain cats.

You can also ask me questions, and post an image of your work.

And most importantly, have fun making new and useful things out of plain cardboard.


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