Unlock Your Woodworking with These New Tools!

Everyone loves new woodworking tools, even if they are small items, they can still be invaluable in the workshop, like the mini Angle Brackets I just bought, these should be perfect for small box making by helping to align the sides making quicker and more accurately wooden boxes, the quality of paintbrush you use can make a huge difference on the kind of finish end up with especially if you use Polyurethane, Varnish in either water-borne or oil base and some of the newer synthetics are at least as good as the old natural bristles that are now hard or impossible to find; and I finally got around to replacing my old broken Mini Butane Torch, which realized I use a lot in the workshop because after it broke, I realized how much I miss it … and the new one has an “air collar” which means I can adjust the flame even more … lots of new woodworking hand tools to try out.

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