Dollar Tree DIY Storage Tiered System

While browsing Youtube the other day, I found this super cute DIY tiered storage system from abellee 25! I immediately tried making one for myself, and boy does it look amazing on my desk! This DIY is by far my favorite that Ive done in a while, and it only cost me $5! Learn the step-by-step instructions in the video tutorial below.


  • three glass jars
  • set of silver bowls
  • three napkin ring holders
  • e6000 glue
  • spray can (color of your choice)


Step 1

Take the lids, the bowl, and the three napkin holders and spray paint them. Next, take the bowl and put it upside down. Grab one of the ring holders and glue it right on top. (This will be the base). Glue the remaining napkin holders right in the middle of each of the two glass jars. Let them all dry for at least six hours. After they have dried completely, take one of the glass jars with the ring on the top, and glue it on top of the base in a slant form. Once the glue dries, take the next jar with the ring holder, and put it right on top of the first glass jar, facing the other way.

Attaching the glass jars to the storage base
Image credits: abellee 25 via Youtube

Step 2

Lastly, glue the last glass jar on top of the middle jar, facing the opposite direction. While the project is drying, go ahead and work on the lids. You can put knobs on each lid for extra design but this step is totally optional.

Attaching the lids of the glass jars
Image credits: abellee 25 via Youtube

Dollar Tree DIY Storage Tiered System

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