3 Quilting Hacks For Sewing Straight Lines

If youre a beginner in quilting, chances are you also find it hard to make straight-line quilting with your machine. Worry no more, as Homemade Emily Jane on Youtube has three helpful quilting hacks for you! Theyre game changers and will make your quilting life so much easier

#1 Mark Your Quilt

Whether you’re doing straight-line quilting or not, it helps if you have a quilting plan and mark it out on your quilt. You can use your ruler or a back end of a butter knife for this. For marking, use a heat-erasing pen or a water-soluble marker. If you use pins while basting, make sure to skip over them while marking your quilt.

Using ruler to make straight lines in your quilt
Image credits: Homemade Emily Jane via Youtube

#2 Wear Quilting Gloves

Wearing gloves while quilting is a game changer. The grippy fingertips will make grabbing onto your fabric so much easier. Stop every few seconds to keep your hands near where you are stitching, and adjust the weight distribution of the quilt if you’re working on a larger project.


#3 Use A Walking Foot

A walking foot is also sometimes called an even feed foot or a dual feed foot. It has feed dogs on the top that coincide with the feed dogs on the bottom of your machine which makes the layers of the quilt glide through at a nice even pace.

Bonus Tip: Go Slow

The end results will be so much better if you take it slow. Take it at about half the speed that you use while piecing.

Going slow to make straight line quilting so much easier
Image credits: Homemade Emily Jane via Youtube

3 Quilting Hacks For Sewing Straight Lines

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