12 Fun Items To “Treat Yourself”

Thanks to QVC and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post! You’ve been working so hard…you deserve to treat yourself!

Where my moms at? If you’re no stranger to coordinating elaborate carpools, just to get not only your own kid, but everybody else’s kid to where they need to be on time–this is for you. If you’ve spent hours in the kitchen making sure everyone gets fed–this is for you. And for all the ladies out there who are crushing it at work, home, school, and in the carpool lane…we SEE you. In fact, we ARE you. You’ve worked so hard, it’s time to treat yourself and this month’s QVC finds are just the special indulgence you deserve.

We’ve gathered the BEST deals on the funnest items that are meant to spoil you. After all, if you don’t spoil yourself every now and then, who will? So go ahead…treat yourself. Heaven knows you’ve earned it.

12 Fun Items To “Treat Yourself”

Great deals on fun items…it’s a win-win! If it’s your first time shopping at QVC, lucky you! Use code SURPRISE to save $10 off $25.

BFF Collection Set of 2 Large & Small Acrylic Trays w/Metal Handles

I like pretty things, especially when they make my house look pretty. The second I spotted these gorgeous acrylic trays, I knew they were something special. Put one on your coffee table for decor, use them to store books, or put them on your bathroom counters for soap, lotion, and pretty bottles. 

tarte Blush Tape Liquid Glow Blush w/ Sculpting Brush

Guess what ladies? A BRAND NEW tarte product just launched and if you love their Shape Tape, this new Blush Tape is right up your alley! Get the perfect warm glow with a smooth, creamy blush that goes on so soft and a blending brush to give you the most natural blend.

BFF Collection Set of 2 Velvet Storage Ottomans with Gold Base

The best things come in pairs and these adorable ottomans are new to QVC and I love that they are really elevating home decor this month! Talk about the perfect blanket storage…and they’re so chic too! Add them as an accent to any bedroom (what a good place to hide your kids’ stuffed animals) or living room.

Bumble and bumble. Spray de Mode Duo

It’s one of the hottest hair sprays in the hair industry and it comes in a DUO at a FAB deal this month at QVC! Supreme yet flexible hold for the perfect blow-out. What a fun way to treat yourself.

tarte Valentine’s Day Sweet tarte Trio

I’ll admit that my husband and I don’t really buy each other a Valentine’s gift per say. Instead, we both treat ourselves to something fun and I would definitely choose this Sweet tarte Trio as my special splurge. If you haven’t tried these fan-favorite tarte products yet, you owe it to yourself as a much-deserved treat. This mascara is wonderful. I use it regularly, along with one of my top lippie picks…tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Lip. It’s sooo smooth and luscious! What a GREAT DEAL this month!


tarte Amazonion Clay Gem Powder Foundation Duo with Brush

Now here is a BEAUTY STEAL to squeal about. Switch up your liquid foundation with this light, Gem Powder foundation that is on big price drop this month! Make sure to watch the video to see the great coverage and flawless face this foundation gives you.

BeautyBio R45 The Lift Neck Advanced System w/ Lift Phase 4

I welcomed in 40 this year and I’ve been more aware than ever of the fine lines creeping up on my neck. It’s never too early or too late to start hydrating the often forgotten skin of your neck and preventing aging there. I was excited to see this system on great deal this month.

Lug Matte Luxe Crossbody – Jitterbug

Do you know about lug bags? They are so hot right now! And for good reason–these cool, chic bags are the perfect accessory to any outfit and if you’re going out to lunch with friends, you’ll get lots of compliments. I love this Jitterbug style that comes in classic colors. Discover more lug bags here (including some cute fanny packs!).  

Ruby Sliders Slim Set of 24 Flexible Furniture Sliders

Now here’s a smart find! Prevent scratches on your hard floors with these flexible sliders that can fit on chair and sofa legs so that they slide without damaging tile and hardwood. What a deal!

philosophy sweet & salty 4 piece 32oz shower gel collection

There’s something about philosophy that just makes me feel good about myself. Like I’m treating myself to a luxury because that’s how good it is. And if you wait for deals like this one to come around, it makes it easy to treat yourself and these four scents are HEAVENLY. Keep a few, gift a few.

Disco Country Club Happy Hour Bundle Pickleball Set

It’s the fastest-growing sport and there’s a good reason why. Pickleball is competitive, yet not hard on the body which makes it an addictive lifetime sport you can play with your friends or your significant other. Catch the pickle ball bug with this fun country club set that just launched.

BFF Collection Set of 2 Etched Glass Jars with Gold Detail

These lovely glass jars caught my eye this month as something special and unique that is a fun treat. Speaking of treats, you could put some inside and place these jars on your desk or kitchen counter. What stunning attention-grabbers.


So treat yourself to something fun at QVC this month. After working so hard day in, day out, you absolutely deserve it! 


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