10 Things I Love About You – Special Valentines Gift

10 Things I Love About You

Are you looking for a special Valentines Gift that will mean so much?

To help me get in the spirit of Valentines Day I have been keeping anappreciation logof the small things my husband does on a daily basis thatI love.” According to the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman, I scored second highest in theWords of Appreciationcategory, but find that I often dont give words of specific appreciation as much as I would like to.

Taking a moment to recognize the small things that may often go overlooked helps keep negativity at bay in any relationship. It challenges you to become observant and really pay 10 Things I Love About Youattention in order to come up with something new every day. Some things I have jotted down have been anywhere from squirting toothpaste on my toothbrush for me, opening my door, helping carry in the groceries, or holding my hand while driving in the car (he is still doing that after 8 years). Am I getting all mushy on you? The truth is that this simple and inexpensive exercise can change the tone of the home and decrease negativity.  It is something I challenge couples to do whether  having a difficult time or not. Then, after several weeks, I encourage them to sit down and share while observing their reactions and feelings.

10 Things I Love About You

So, do you want try this little Valentines experiment? Okay, here is what you do:

First, find any old notebook and keep it in a place where you will remember ( I have mine in my nightstand drawer) and your special person cant see it (I like to keep it a secret until the end).

Second, jot down one thing you appreciate about that person every day until Valentines (or as long as you like- try the entire year!)

Lastly, once you have a good-sized list, share it with that person when you have their undivided attention.

Some things to remember:

-Let go of any expectations for this activity (such as expecting to hear things in return)- It should be lighthearted and just an experiment to see what you experience as an observer.

-Work hard to find at least ONE thing- even during moments where it seems difficult to find something new or at all. You will be surprised how often we overlook them.

10 Things I Love About You

Now for my Valentines gift- I plan on taking these thoughts and compiling them in a gift for Valentines Day.

I found this pocket  at Hobby Lobby and it was already made up, so all I had to do is write 10 things…the question now is what should I do with it…any ideas?

Let me know and I’ll come back and report!

10 Things I Love About You

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