Woodworking: Fisher’s Workbench Storage Cabinet

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Now that I have the perfect workbench designed and built, it’s time to add some storage within it. I wanted something that would be able to house all the dog hole clamps that I use on the bench surface, some standard drawers for storing tools, as well as a slide-out drawer for housing a couple of my frequently used bench-top power tools. This storage cabinet satisfies all those requirements and looks fantastic at the same time! It sits flush with the face of the bench as well so you can continue to clamp long boards to the front without any interference. It’s definitely been a huge upgrade to my shop and will most likely be the same for yours.

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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Breakdown
01:30 – Carcass
03:04 – Trim
04:18 – Drawer Boxes
04:39 – Slides
05:32 – Drawer Faces
05:59 – Drawer Pulls
07:32 – Supports
07:46 – Finish
08:12 – Installation
08:36 – Glamour Shots
09:53 – Outtakes

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