Shoe Sole Anti-Slip Hack for Icy or Rainy Weather

During this winter season, snow or rain becomes more frequent depending on your location, but whichever weather is it that experience, there is one thing in common that surely most of us are experiencing at least once in our life, and that is going through slippery roads. This might sound like a simple problem, but it actually is quite difficult and scary, especially for older people who might suffer a bad fall. This is what I always think about whenever I or my parents and Grandparents go out knowing that they will be walking along a slippery road, that’s why I made sure to find a remedy of some sort so that I can somehow make sure that the chances of them slipping are far lower than before. This is where this video tutorial by catinnahat on YouTube comes in handy.


  • Waterproof spray adhesive
  • Basin
  • Craft beach sand
  • Shoes


Easy Winter Hacks And Tips
Image credit: catinnahat via YouTube

Get your shoes, then spray the bottom of each shoe with spray adhesive all over generously, and pour the beach sand all over the adhesive. Make sure to place a basin underneath when you do this to catch all of the excess sand that won’t stick, then spray more adhesive, and run the shoes all over the sand collected in the basin. Repeat this process a couple more times until nicely covered with the sand as shown in the video and you’re done. You can do this with the rest of your shoes as well.

How To Make Shoes Anti-Slip
Image credit: catinnahat via YouTube


*Thanks to catinnahat via YouTube for all images used here. If you loved this amazing winter hack, then you’ll surely love his other video tutorials too, so give his channel a visit and subscribe now!

Shoe Sole Anti-Slip Hack for Icy or Rainy Weather

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