10 Hacks To Stay Warm In Winter Blackouts

Winter season is fun; until a bad winter storm rolls in that could cause a power outage. Without the proper knowledge, your house could be as cold as the outside without heating. Worry no more; these hacks from Survival Know How on Youtube will help you get through this crisis. Watch the video below to learn these.

#1 Isolate To One Room

Your best source of heat when the electricity goes out is going to be your own body. Your goal is to simply capture and try to keep as much of that heat near your body as you can.

Fill up containers with hot water during winter blackouts
Image credits: Survival Know How via Youtube

#2 Create A Thermal Mass

Fill up all the containers with hot water. That water is going to stay very hot and warm at least for the next 12 to 24 hours after you lose power.

#3 Light Candles

Light one or two candles in a tent or a car. That is a small enough space for the candles to warm up.

#4 Seal Up Windows

Try to seal all the windows up as best as you can, especially if you have single-pane windows.


#5 Set Up A Tent Indoors

Set up a tent in your bedroom or anywhere in the house and that is where you and your family are going to sleep. The smaller the space that you can isolate yourself and your family, the easier you’re gonna have to try to heat the space.

#6 Seal Up Air Gaps

Seal up any gaps within your house, especially around the door. One simple technique that you should do immediately is to get a towel, roll it up, and stick it along the base of your doors.

#7 Shelter In Your Car

If you have enough gas in your car, go bring all your blankets and sleep in your car with the heat cranked up. Make sure your car is outdoors and not in the garage.

#8 Use the Car as an Inverter

Many cars come with a built-in inverter already in them and this allows you to plug in a 120-volt plug into an outlet in your car and run something usually powers in your home.

#9 Let In Sunlight

Open up your blinds and your curtains to let the sunlight in to heat your home. Only do this if you gonna have direct sunlight coming in through your windows.

#10 Run Your Faucets Slightly

Prevent your pipes from freezing by slightly opening faucets around the house. Flowing water is far harder to freeze than still water.

Open your faucets slightly to prevent pipes from freezing up during winter blackouts
Image credits: Survival Know How via Youtube

10 Hacks To Stay Warm In Winter Blackouts

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