Woodwork and Furniture Design with Cinema 4D

This class is created for anyone who wants to explore their modeling skills in the line of Woodwork and furniture designs with the use of Maxon Cinema 4D. The course is not limited to Cinema 4D users alone as the techniques covered in this course are the same for other 3D applications, like 3ds Max, Blender, or Maya.

Woodwork and furniture designs are widely required in every significant field now. NFTs and Decentralands make do with assets in their space, so there is a need for designers in that niche. Furniture designs are also sold all over the 3D market spaces, which could be another source of income for the designer.

In this class, you will be learning quite a number of techniques as listed below:

  • Modeling with polygon manipulation

  • Modeling using Deformers

  • UVW Unwrapping

  • Understanding Camera settings

  • How to have the light rig for the shot

  • Hair systems to add details to the furniture

  • Material and texturing using Maps

  • Render settings

  • Compositing with Photoshop

It is going to be an interesting class as it is designed for both beginner and intermediate-level designers.


All that is required to follow along in this class is Cinema 4D software and the Corona renderer plugin. As I said above, designers from other software packages can follow along as other rendering engines can also be used too. The technique is all you need to understand and you will do wonders in whatever software you use or whichever render engine you have.

Thanks and let’s get started!


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