DIY Snowy Mason Jar Tutorial

The winter season is coming; are your decorations ready? Try making these adorable snowy mason jars from Ventuno Art on Youtube for your decorations this year. Its a super fun and easy-to-do project that you can do on a weekend. All you need for this project are some basic crafting supplies found around the house. Learn the step-by-step instructions by watching the video tutorial below.


  • mason jar
  • Epson salt
  • glue
  • paintbrush
  • tea light
  • some ribbons (optional)


Step 1

First, take some glue and brush the mason jar entirely with it. Next, before the glue sets, sprinkle a generous amount of Epson salt all the way. After this, leave the jar for a few minutes to let everything set and dry.

Putting glue around the jar to make the snowy mason jar
Image credits: Ventuno Art via Youtube

Step 2

After the glue dries, decorate your jar with some ribbons of your choice. Put a tea light inside also. Your DIY snowy mason jar is now finished.

Decorating the snowy mason jar with some ribbon
Image credits: Ventuno Art via Youtube

DIY Snowy Mason Jar Tutorial

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