5 Tools Under $30 Every Woodworker Needs!

These are 5 woodworking tools that will help you work faster and more efficiently. All of these tools are under $30 each! Some product links are Amazon and other affiliate links which means if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my channel so I can continue to make content like this.

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Tools In This Video
Massca Dowel Jig X – https://masscaproducts.com/products/dowel-jig-x?aff=3
Flush Trim Saw – https://amzn.to/3V0C2om
Foldable Dovetail Saw – https://amzn.to/3EjoihA
Rockler Router Set Up Jig – https://amzn.to/3ECXDO4
Organizer Trays (Gray) – https://amzn.to/3Gjh5kp
Organizer Trays (Black) https://amzn.to/3AkTHPD
Fastcap Tape Measure – https://amzn.to/3X7qaCC
Outlaw’s Board Butter Stickers – https://www.731woodworks.com/store/731stickers

5 More of My Favorite Tools Under $30
DFM Square: https://amzn.to/3Jfb5H2
Thin Rip Jig: https://amzn.to/3LKm2lB
DFM Saw Height Gauge: https://amzn.to/3jidia1
Spring Clamps: https://lddy.no/1575h
Clamping Squares: https://lddy.no/1575g
Small F-Clamps: https://lddy.no/157u9

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This video was sponsored by Massca Products

0:00 Woodworking Tools Under $30
0:06 Massca Dowel Jig X
3:38 Suizan Flush Cut Saw
4:47 Rockler Router Bit Center Gauge
5:56 Toolbox Organizing Trays
6:58 Fastcap Old Standby Tape Measure

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