Free Assembly: The Clothing Line all the Stylish Kids Are Wearing

***This post is sponsored by Walmart and RewardStyle. All opinions are my own***

All of a sudden, my kids have strong opinions are about their clothes. 
They know what they like and want just that!
I am grateful to see them develop their personal opinions more, and even more grateful we can agree on one brand – Free Assembly.

Free Assembly is a line at Walmart that is stylish enough for the kids and budget friendly for the mamas!
I feel like their clothing is really “elevated” essentials. Classic pieces with a modern twist.
From pants to coats to dresses, they really have something for everyone!
In the words of my (very cool) 8 year old, “This is just like, the cool clothes!”

Here are a few pieces we snagged this season and I think you’ll love!

First up, this curly headed guy.

I have 3 sons. This one is the most stylish by far. He was the kid who wanted a gold chain at age 7 because he saw all the high school athletes wearing one. 
Then a couple weeks ago, he came home wanting a perm. 
I wasn’t on board, but with some convincing (and the backing of dad), my blondie is now a curly blondie.
My point is, this kid knows what’s “cool”.
And he was ALL about this outfit!

He also picked this photo spot.
In front of the old farm truck named “Bluey” who he claims as his own.

He doesn’t like to wear coats, so layering is KEY for survival. 
We layered this simple, soft, long white sleeved tee with this thick flannel. 
It’s not a jacket in my opinion, but it is slightly thicker and warmer shirt that if you ask me, looks darling!

I love the texture and the pockets! 
It’s comfortable enough for him, but dressier than the bball shorts and tees I usually have to talk him out of!


He’s not the BIGGEST fan of jeans. He prefers sweatpants or the aforementioned bball shorts.
When I find a pair of pants he likes, I buy them in ALL the colors. 
These were winners in his book!
I love that the black will go with EVERYTHING! We could even dress them up for church!
They fit very true to size!

Next up, this pre-teen!

I tell you what, this girl and her twin sister have entered a world of difficulty when it comes to clothing.
They’re not big enough for women’s sizes, but quickly growing out of most girl clothing.
They like the styles of “older” girls, but this mama likes them to stay little.
Free Assembly to the rescue again! 
On trend, age appropriate styles that won’t break the bank!

This simple dress has all kinds of fantastic details.
The sleeves bubble out and add a little elevation to an otherwise normal t-shirt dress.


I love the length of the dress, as it hits the top of her knee caps and she could move around comfortably. 
And isn’t this ruffled bottom hem just perfection?
The perfect, flirty touch!

See what I mean?
Free Assembly is perfect for kids! Elevated basics they can wear in so many different ways.
The quality is on point and I think the prices are fantastic as well.
I love that the kids and I all agree – Free Assembly is a great option for kiddo of all sizes!

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Happy Shopping!

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