How To Untangle A Skein Of Yarn In 1 Minute

When you are a crafter, then you must have a collection or a few bundles of yarn at home, and you’ve probably experienced having them all tangled. Crafting most of the time makes a mess, especially when you’re working with glitters, and that can cause some stress, but having a bunch of tangled yarn when you need them is equally stressful. There are a few options that you would usually try, and from my experience, it’s either I cut through the strands, or I try pulling a few strands and ended up tangling them even more. I have tried pulling off a few strands without making the situation worse but to no avail, in the end, I just gave up and purchased a new one. However, over time, I realized that it would be a waste if I don’t use the old ones when they were still in good condition, except, of course, they were all tangled. So, I tried searching through the internet for any technique that I can try to save my yarn, and lucky enough, I found this video tutorial by Littlebean and Me on YouTube!


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How To Fix Tangled Yarn
Image credit: Littlebean and Me via YouTube

Find the ties that tie the yarn together, then hold it making sure it’s at the top and all of the yarn is underneath, and gently pull them apart to try to realign the fibers. When you’re ready, shake it a couple of times, then check whether everything is starting to go in the same direction, and repeat until detangled. Always make sure that all of the yarn is going in the right direction before shaking it over as shown in the video.

Easy Way To Untangle Yarn
Image credit: Littlebean and Me via YouTube


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How To Untangle A Skein Of Yarn In 1 Minute

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