New Modern Kitchen Reveal and BlueStar Range Review

This post is sponsored by Blue Star. All opinions are my own. Welcome to my modern kitchen!

In 2020 we made plans to build a home. What a great year to make a major life change, right?

And while there were many bumps along the way, including delays after delays, after delays, everything finally came together. Welcome to my new modern kitchen!

Please come in and take a seat. I’m just whipping up breakfast so you’re just in time.

I’ll give you the tour, tell you all about my design selections, and make you some of my family’s favorite cinnamon roll pancakes with homemade buttermilk syrup, made on the BlueStar Platinum Rangetop.

New Modern Kitchen Reveal and BlueStar Range Review

This was the first home we’ve built, and it was a completely custom project. We needed to stay within a modest budget and designing most aspects ourselves saved us a lot of money. When it came to the kitchen, I wanted a modern, minimalist feel, that still served as a functional meet-up spot for my family of six.

The kitchen is the beating heart of our home, as it probably is yours. Everyone is always here. We’re either cooking, eating, talking, or doing homework at the counter. I wanted the space to be open, with plenty of seating and counter space.

I love the quartz waterfall island, the modern cabinets, and especially, the BlueStar PLATINUM rangetop and modern Hood Range Hood which has been so fun to cook on, and beautiful to look at too. Here’s why I chose the duo and what I love about them.

Why Choose BlueStar?

When building a home, there are so many choices to make. I love cooking, so I wanted a high-end rangetop that could give me a commercial cooking experience without putting us over budget. I landed on BlueStar because of it’s impeccable quality and reputation and the cherry on top was that it is a very affordable option if you’re looking for commercial-grade.

And isn’t it lovely?

Simple, chic, sophisticated.

I love the look of BlueStar Rangetops and Hoods and you can customize the finishes to fit your style. I selected black knobs and Brushed Stainless trim because I like the minimalist, modern approach. But you can bring a pop of color into your BlueStar range with deep green, navy or gold There are so many fun design possibilities with BlueStar!

I chose the 48″ PLATINUM Rangetop with Interchangeable Griddle & Charbroiler because of all of the amazing cooking possibilities.

On Saturday mornings, I want to be able to make pancakes on the griddle, simmer homemade buttermilk syrup, and grill sausages all at once and this rangetop lets you do that beautifully!

And I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful these burners are…I can make spaghetti in 5 minutes! A BlueStar rangetop can boil water in less time than it takes you to help the kids practice their spelling words. 

BlueStar Hood

Do you need a ventilation hood? I definitely think so. It sucks away unwanted cooking odors (think fish) as well as moisture and other pollutants that cooking releases into the air. As a general rule of thumb in kitchen design, your ventilation hood should be 3 inches longer than your rangetop on each side.

Because I got a 48″ rangetop, I needed a 54″ hood and I chose the sleek BlueStar 54″ Incline Hood Range Hood.

The blower is nice and powerful and I’ve never had a problem with unwanted moisture or cooking smoke hanging around. A nice hood makes a big difference.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with Homemade Buttermilk Syrup

Like I said, we love to cook in our house and the 8 burners on this rangetop have come in extremely handy! Two burners can cook pancakes on a griddle (you can add that to your BlueStar package), two burners can cook bacon or sausage, and the other burners are open to cook up some delicious homemade syrup.

Here are our favorite Saturday morning cinnamon roll pancakes!

If you’re building or remodeling a kitchen, I would absolutely recommend BlueStar appliances. My rangetop and hood are one of my favorite parts about this kitchen and we use them every single day to make yummy food and fond memories.


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