How To Remove Weeds With Cardboard

Weeds in our garden can be a little annoying as they seem like they never die. But with this simple solution from Smart Fox on Youtube, we can finally say goodbye to those weeds. Who would have thought you could use cardboard to put out weeds for good? Its also an environment-friendly method as the cardboard will only take a couple of years to decompose completely. Watch the video tutorial below to learn and share it with your friends and family.


  • cardboard (free of any plastic parts or tape)


Step 1

The first step is to remove a little bit of soil from the area where you intend to put the cardboard. After this, lay the cardboard out there. If you have plants in that area, then you can just cut some holes in the cardboard so that you can put it around the plants, because the cardboard is water-permeable and thus allows the water to continue to pass through. If you don’t have any plants, you can just go ahead and lay out your cardboard, then put soil on top of it so it can weigh the cardboard down. Distribute the soil evenly on top.

Laying the cardboard on top of the weeds
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

Step 2

Now, if you have cut your plants a little bit free around the outside or cut holes in the cardboard so that the plants can continue to grow here, you should of course make sure that you also put soil around it and distribute the whole thing nicely afterward. The cardboard now ensures that the weeds from below no longer have a chance to come up and they simply die off over time. At some point, the whole thing just comes through again, but then you can just also repeat this process with the cardboard so that it just doesn’t happen anymore. Cardboard completely decomposes after a couple of years so make sure your cardboard doesn’t have any tape or plastic materials on it.

Putting soil on top of the cardboard to weight it down
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

How To Remove Weeds With Cardboard

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