8 New and Trending Products from Walmart You Have to Try!

***This post is sponsored by Walmart and RewardStyle. We had so much fun trying these new products via curbside pickup!***

I’ve been a huge fan of Walmart pickup and delivery for a LONG time. I cannot tell you how much stress these services have saved me!
I mean, NOT having to go into a store with my 6 kids? Can we say, WINNING? 
I just get online, order what I want and pick it up at the time I select. 
Picking up literally involves, opening my trunk and watching the awesome Walmart employees load enough groceries to feed a small country.
You pay the same you would in the store, and again, such a time saver. 

PLUS, new customers can use promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off your first three pickup or delivery orders.
($50 min. Restrictions & fees apply.)
I mean, who doesn’t want to save a few bucks on groceries? 

Not to mention, Walmart has such a great selection of new, and trending items to choose from! 
I thought it would be fun to get a few of my kids and do some taste testing/testing of some awesome new products at Walmart!

Here’s a few fun new things we found!

1. Bitsy’s Bars :
It’s the healthier version of a soft baked cookie! With only 2 grams of sugar, and packed with fiber, I feel great adding this to my kids’ lunch! It has an almost granola bar taste, but cookie consistency. 

2.Cheez-It Popcorn:
If you’re a Cheez-It fan, you’ll love this extra cheesy popcorn. It’s a great snack to take on the go!

3. Hot One Chicken Bites:
Have you ever had Nashville hot chicken? If so, this is the home, more compact version of it! They’re a little spicy, so maybe not for the little ones, but I think these are so good. I like them on top of a salad for a little protein and a kick! You can bake, microwave, or air fry these little bursts of chicken goodness! They also make a great appetizer.

4. Chicken Bacon Ranch flatbread pizza : 
We had these for a quick dinner and they’re a break from the “normal” pizza. If you’re an alfredo/white sauce fan, you’ll love this pizza! We cut ours into strips and I packed it in my kids’ lunches for the next day! 

5. Mint scented strong flex trash bags: 

Stop what you’re doing and grab these immediately. These might be my MOST favorite of all the new products. They literally permeate your house (and the stinky trash cans) with the smell of fresh mint. It’s such a clean smell. Plus, if you live in the country like we do, mice HATE the smell of mint so they’re supposed to stay out of these bags!

6. Olipop sparkling tonic:
I’ve seen these before but wasn’t sure what they were! It’s a sparkling tonic (like a sparkling flavored water), with several flavors including root beer and this yummy strawberry vanilla! It is very low in sugar and has more natural flavoring. This sparkling tonic is a winner!
I wouldn’t say it’s like soda, but if you’re trying to back off the Diet Coke like I am, this is a good substitute!

7. Everything Bagel hummus: 
Here’s another BIG winner. I’ve loved bagel seasoning for a LONG time, and now it’s in HUMMUS form. My kids and I POUNDED this stuff. We were dipping everything in it. If you’re looking for a way to get veggies in your kiddo (or yourself), grab some of this. It’s DIVINE. 

8. Safely Universal Cleaner – 
This is a new cleaning line that smells divine. This scent, “Calm”, smells like a combo of lavender and lemongrass, with a touch of vanilla. It honestly smells like “calm” and I feel like the name is perfection. Plus, it comes in a pretty purple spray bottle!

It was so fun to try these new products, and do so on a budget! I’m thrilled that there are so many new items to choose from at the convenience of online ordering, with delivery or curbside pick up! You should totally try a few new things.

Don’t forget, new customers can use promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off your first three pickup or delivery orders.
($50 min. Restrictions & fees apply.)

Grab that Everything Bagel hummus first!

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