Interior Design Core Materials

Welcome to Interior Design Core Materials.

If you are an interior design enthusiast or a student, a homemaker who wants to learn about interior design, or someone who plans to renovate your space then this course is for you.

I am an interior designer by profession and passion and this course is the labor of my love for design.

The modern-day consumer is spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing materials. With the constant and rapid evolution of technology, we see new materials with each passing year. It is impossible to cover all the materials in this course, however, you will learn about the core materials used to build and furnish residential spaces. You will learn about their properties like strength and durability, area of application, and how to choose the best material for you.

The choice of material sets the tone and adds texture, and hue to your space. Besides, it dictates the design language and influences how the space will be perceived. The choice of material also influences the function and safety of the space. Each material has its own design vocabulary and the choice of materials helps meet the need of the user.

So join me here on Udemy as I give you an insight into what materials are used to build and furnish an interior space and help you choose the material right for your budget and space.


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