Leather carving course ~ Gog

This is a course with high technical content of leather carving. Of course, the requirements for students will be higher. The course demonstrated in detail the use of a rotary knife to carve lines, the use of carving tools to make the dog’s outline and texture, the dog’s facial features carving techniques, and hair treatment techniques. Use modeling tools to make undulating effects, making the picture more rich and close to reality; Demonstrate in detail how to make the concave convex effect of leather carving, how to use leather water-based dyes to describe the color gradient effect, and the combination of acrylic dyes can make the picture more rich and beautiful. The course lasts 99 minutes after accurate editing. It is divided into two chapters: Leather carving and dyeing. It is shot with high-definition multi lens and multi angle, with voice explanation and English subtitles. There are more than ten years of leather carving art teachers to do a detailed demonstration. The whole process is easy to understand, does not need too many tools, and learns the art of leather carving at a low cost. Suitable for junior scholars who like leather carving art.

The lecturer is a professional leather carving craftsman with nearly 20 years of experience in leather carving research. The research projects include leather carving techniques on subjects such as portraits, landscapes, animals, flowers, etc. He has trained hundreds of students (ranging in age from 5 to 70) and has rich experience in course recording.

If you encounter problems during your study, you can contact me and communicate with me. I am glad you can participate in this course. I also hope to communicate with you and work together to make you feel the fun of learning leather carving.


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