Create furniture in blender

About this class:

In this class, you will learn how to Create furniture in blender.

Create a photorealistic chair with blenders main 3D modeling tools, we will also use tools like the cloth modifier. With a basic knowledge of blender you can start creating amazing-looking 3D models.

You will learn how to:

  • Search for the right reference images.

  • Compile these images together and use them inside blender.

  • Block out the main shapes.

  • Create pillows and cushions using cloth physics.

  • Create more intricate 3D models and shapes.

  • UV Unwrap your 3D models correctly.

  • Create realistic materials.

  • Render and composite your final images.

Is this class for you?

  • Do you want to become better at 3D modeling?

  • Do you want to create an entire 3D model from just a few reference images?

  • Do you want to understand the 3D modeling workflow

  • Do you want to create architectural renders?

  • Do you want to create realistic furniture in blender?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then I highly suggest you download the files needed for this class and jump right into the first lesson!

To start this class you will need:

  • All the files that are downloadable for this course

  • A laptop or computer with blender installed – (In this class I use blender 3.0)

  • A basic understanding of blender. (don’t worry, this class is not hard to follow, but some basic knowledge will help you along the way)


  • A photo editing software like photoshop or gimp. (this is optional and not needed to complete this class)


Your task is to follow along and create a chair similar to the one shown in the videos. If you are stuck or have questions please ask.

Please send in the final render, so I can see your amazing artwork and can give some valuable feedback.


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