DIY Smokeless Fire Pit That Actually Works

Smokeless fire pits that can be bought online or in stores can be pretty expensive, and they are somewhat small when it comes to size. Totally not worth your precious bucks. Now, if you will DIY, the problem is when it’s not built right, it will produce crazy smokes that will cause problems. To save the day, this DIY smokeless fire pit tutorial from How To Home on Youtube actually works! No to mention, it’s inexpensive and super easy to follow! Start building yours today by following the tutorial below.


  • 36″ fire ring or 27″ fire ring
  • hole saw kit
  • 12″ retention wall pavers


Step 1

To get started, get the fire ring, then assemble it. Place the fire ring in the designated place. Next, start layering the lowest level of the stones that are going to be stacked around the pit. Make sure to leave a 1 and 1/2 inch gap between the fire ring and the stones. This will introduce cool air that will make it smokeless. Now, for air to actually pass to the pocket that was made, remove four pieces of the stones that were stacked around and fill it with just half of the stones. This will create a passageway for air to pass. To do this, break two stones out of those four using a masonry chisel and a nice size mallet. (Be very careful with this step.)

Stacking up the stones around the fire ring
Image credits: How To Home via Youtube

Step 2

After you broke down the stones in half, put one in each of the gaps. Continue with the second layer of the stones. Take a hole saw and cut some holes all the way around the top part of the fire ring. Finally, add another row of stones around the fire pit.

Drilling holes along the top part of the fire ring
Image credits: How To Home via Youtube

DIY Smokeless Fire Pit That Actually Works

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