How To Properly Warm Up And Start A Car In The Winter

By craftshome / 20. February 2021

It’s essential to start your car the proper way if you want longevity out of it, but it takes waking up a few minutes early. DIYautotech on YouTube gives tips and advice on how to properly warm-up and start a car in the winter. There are many people who start their car and put it straight into drive and go, but that’s not good for the engine. The fuel pump isn’t prime. Although these tips might seem like a no-brainer, there are many people who do not think about it or care to follow them. It does take a toll on your engine and builds up over time to damage your car.

Turn it on in the running position

Warm Up Your Car in The Winter - Warm up Car Before Driving
Image by DIYautotech via YouTube

Let the fuel pump energize for at least 3 seconds before cranking it over to on. You’ll hear the sound of the fuel pump when you do this.

Let your car sit idle before leaving

Keep Car in Idle Before Driving - Longevity on Cars - Auto Tech Tips and Tricks
Image by DIYautotech via YouTube

It’s essential to warm up your car in the mornings especially if it’s cold outside. The metals and the engine do expand with heat. The oil is still cold so it’s not going to protect anything nearly as well as if it was hot. So, let it sit idle for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and it’s okay to drive because the oil will start to circulate and flow.

There are times where you are in a rush so you turn your ignition to drive immediately when it’s on, but it damages the engine long-term. So, if you want your car to last for a long time with 150,000 miles or more, follow these tips religiously. Also, defrost your car and turn on the heat so that it starts to warm up and defrost your windows. Keep in mind of these tips when you start your car next.

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