Fusion 360: 1 Hour Quick-Start

By craftshome / 20. February 2021

This course only has one purpose: to get you started with Fusion 30 as soon as possible. To do so, I have designed this 1 hour course to give you the tools and knowledge you need to get started on Fusion 360 and start creating your own designs.

To do so, I have designed six lessons, in each of which we create a new object. Within each lesson we build upon the things learned in previous lessons and add new tips and features along the way.

Fusion 360 is a free and powerful, widely used 3d modeling software.

Fusion 360 is a huge program and it is impossible to even get close to discussing everything withing the software in one hour. Therefore, I focus on the solids design workspace, but I also show you how to render your designs.

After this course you will have the confidence to create your own prototypes or designs and you will also be able to make beautiful renders of them, all in just 1 hour.

I do limit the course to the solids design workspace (skets, create, modify, etc.) but experience tells me that once you are confortale withing this part of Fusion, you will also be able to use other parts of the program thanks to Fusion’s inuitive nature.

At the end of the course I also added 3 bonus video’s which will get your started designing for both 3d printing and laser cutting

If you can not wait to start creating your own desings, and want the tools to get started, this it the perfect course for you!


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