How To Fix Low Pressure From Shower Head

If you’re having trouble with the water pressure in the shower, Bear Reality on YouTube has some easy tips to fix your shower head. This can be annoying if you’re in a hurry because even if you turn your nozzle to full blast, the water is still coming out slowly. I’m not sure if this tip works for specific showerheads, but it takes a few minutes to fix this problem. This was interesting to see because I thought it would be a long process to fix. He demonstrates how easy it is to remove the rubber ring around the shower hole, but this might not work for everyone. Sometimes it takes replacing a valve, cartridge, or getting a new showerhead. It’s good to explore your options, and this tutorial did a great job showing the simple steps to fix his low water pressure.


  • tweezers


First, take off the showerhead and you’ll see a black ring that goes around the water opening. Remove the rubber ring off with a pair of a tweezer.

How to Increase water pressure - Shower head water pressure - DIY Bathroom
Image by Bear Reality via YouTube


Next, once you remove the rubber ring off the showerhead, you’ll see there are more holes. It indicates more openings for the water. This will allow the water to flow out faster. Install the showerhead back onto the shower and test.

Easy Ways To Fix Low Water Pressure - Low Water Pressure in Shower - Easy Fix Using Tweezers For Faster Water
Image by Bear Reality via YouTube

Overall, in this video, there was a huge difference in the water pressure. It’s a quick video if you want to improve your water flow in the shower. This would be a great tip to pass on to family and friends because some may just deal with the low water pressure instead of fixing it. After watching this tutorial, it seems like a practical thing to know. Now, you can take a faster shower without having to wait for the water to come out longer.

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