Dollar Tree DIY Splatter Screen Rustic Pumpkin

There are many supplies that you can purchase at Dollar Tree to create any type of decor for an affordable price. This DIY by Country Charm by Tracy on YouTube is easy to follow along with because she gives very detailed instructions. I love the country farmhouse look from this splatter screen rustic pumpkin and it can be hung up on the front door. The is a different way to create a wreath instead of a normal single circle. I love all of the flowers and raffia straws on this rustic pumpkin because it does create a Fall seasonal touch to it all. I think the beauty of Fall is the opportunity for many DIYs and I love orange and red colors.


  • hot glue gun
  • white puffy paint
  • 3 splatter screens
  • orange spray paint
  • decorative nautical rope
  • Mod Podge hot glue finger caps, optional
  • wires
  • faux flowers
  • faux leaves
  • ribbons
  • pipe cleaners
  • raffia straws
  • lighter
  • scissors


First, spray paint the splatter screens with orange spray paint. Then, use a hot glue gun to add the rope to the splatter screen all around the circle. Continue to do this to all 3 splatter screens. Use the white puffy paint to create the white squiggly circle to create dimension.

Use Screens to Make Rustic Pumpkin - Cheap Crafts - Easy Pumpkin Decor
Image by Country Charm by Tracy via YouTube

Next, once the splatter screens are bonded together, decorate the top of the rustic pumpkins with flowers, ribbons, and any decorations you’d want on your splatter screens.

How To Make Splatter Screen Pumpkin - Fall Dollar Tree - Country Crafts
Image by Country Charm by Tracy via YouTube

Overall, this is a creative idea to make for Fall decor at such an inexpensive price. If you need a farmhouse decor for your house, this splatter screen rustic pumpkin is easy to make. You can add any decorations and ribbons on top to create your own twist. It’s simple yet very festive.

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