Fun Educational Books for Kids

Ditch the workbooks and just READ! Pretty much every teacher I know says that reading is the best thing you can do for kids. In our house we always say, “Learn to read, so that you read to learn.” The cool thing is that there are some super fun educational books that introduce cool topics to kids while they are learning to read!

Fun Educational Books for Kids 

B is for Bulldozer 

Calling all truck loving kids. This is a fun way to introduce the alphabet! It goes through the building of a construction park, and features lots of fun building equipment!

Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machines

Introduce the Renaissance period and Leonardo da Vinci’s many inventions and ideas. A great way to touch on concepts of flight and aerodynamics, as well as inspire creativity. Think of it as history, science, and art all rolled into one. 

Fibonacci Zoo

A super fun way to talk about the Fibonacci math concept. It teaches it to kids in a way they can understand. After you read the book you can use the lesson to apply the concept to other things around the house too!

Mouse Paint

One of the best basics on paints and blending of colors for preschoolers! This one is easy to read, and teaches kids primary colors, and what happens when you blend them together!

Who Was…Series

There are so many awesome books to choose from in this series. Each one features an important and famous person, and lets kids discover TONS of historical figures. They are easy to read, and AMAZING for ages 1-4th grade. 

Counting Crocodiles

This is one of the silliest rhymes for counting and numbers. The pictures are bright and engaging, and it will help younger kids learn to count to 20 forward and back. 

Little People Big Dream Series

These are not only trendy and beautiful on the outside, but super inspiring for kids and adults! They take a look on how famous people became who they are today! There are lots of men and women to choose from! 


A Biography Book for New Readers

These chapter books are great quick reads for kids 2-5th grade. They are fun, have interesting facts to keep them engaged, and some even have pictures. They give widely known facts, and some new ones too!

ABCs of Art

If you have a little artist, this is a way to introduce beautiful masterpieces to them! Show them all the famous paintings from around the world, and work on the ABCs!

Sir Cumference Series

These are the best math books ever. There is a whole series about Sir Cumference and various math topics. The blending of math and a fun story is one that kids will love!

Hope you enjoy these fun reads! They are a great way to enrich lessons at school, and keep the kids learning over Summer or Winter break! 

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