15 Rainbow Party Ideas to Make Your Party Shine

Nothing says summertime fun better than a rainbow! If you’re planning a fun party this summer, these rainbow birthday party ideas might be just what you need! I know I’m excited and my 6-year-old twins are sure to have a colorful day!

 Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

Fantastic Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

Your kids will love these fun and colorful ideas that include food, decor, and games!

1. Make this cool Surprise Rainbow Party Invitations. The party guests will love it when they open them.

2. Have the party guests make Rainbow Streamers. They’ll have fun riding in the wind with them.

3. Make these easy to make cereal Rainbow Bars. I know what our next family treat is going to be!

4. Another fun treat would be these rainbow wands! Looks delicious!

5. These rainbow pompoms would like fabulous at any party! Great instructions included!

6. I’m loving this rainbow punch game! A fun alternative to pinatas!

7. These cloud placemats are such a fun way to decorate your table!

8. You can’t have a party without a fun party rainbow backdrop! 

9. Bet you’d be surprised how many kids would go for this rainbow fruit cup! Looks amazing!

10. Of course, you’ve got to have a rainbow cake at your rainbow party!

11. This mini balloon rainbow arch would make anyone’s party the best ever!

12. What a great party favor that’s actually going to get used! Love the paint set idea!

13. I’m loving this fun rainbow cake! Looks like something even I could make!

14. Don’t you just love free printables? This rainbow one would make the perfect party decor!

15. Aren’t these colors beautiful? What a fun way to lead the kids to the treasure, with the rainbow yarn!

Kids and adults alike are sure to love these rainbow birthday party ideas.  I hope your rainbow party shines! Which of these ideas is your favorite?



15 Rainbow Party Ideas to Make Your Party Shine




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