Basic restoration of furniture

By craftshome / 27. June 2020

In this Basic restoration of furniture as well as finishes , (Furniture restoration) you are going to learn the basics of the trade, because you want to know more about antique furniture, because you are interested in everything related to this beautiful trade, because you have only once started to work in your workshop and you don’t know how to continue but you want to know more or why you want to be a professional future. My objective is clear, to teach you the steps to follow to develop your project and to assimilate the theory and practice of the trade. You will see what are the techniques and basic products and how to prepare them, you will see how to start restoring the wood. I will also help you to professionally set up your workshop if such is your desire. I am going to give you several fundamental exercises of the conservative furniture restorer. I also add a bibliography on some books that you can buy or consult in libraries or online and that are interesting about the trade, so you can accompany the classes and better understand the trade. I advise you to spend at least 3 hours a week to learn little by little how to work with the products and techniques and start enjoying the restoration work. Here I present this first course so that you know the first steps to follow. Of course there is matter for years if you want, it depends a lot on the time you can spend on it. Therefore, I will be presenting several different works and in different courses so you can learn what you like at your own pace. for example: how to restore chairs, how to restore painted furniture, how to varnish the doll with shellac, how to recycle and skate furniture, how to restore and paint old wooden windows, etc. It is also good to remember that a furniture restorer has to know how to sharpen his tools, know how to work wood, for that reason, you can see my different courses in CARPENTRY, JOINERY and MARQUETRY that are of great help to the restorer. Some of the courses I currently have: -BASIC CARPENTRY AND JOINERY – MANUFACTURE YOUR CARPENTER’S BENCH, with technical drawing and downloadable wooden parts included. I hope you enjoy wood as I have been doing it for more than 35 years. A greeting. Jean Baptiste Van den Heede, cabinetmaker.


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