Make a Garden Gate from Timber

By craftshome / 10. June 2020

Working with wood is hugely satisfying and you are rewarded at the end with something both practical and/or decorative

Hi my name is Steve.

Have you ever had the urge to make things for your home, save money on paying labour charges or just want the joy of working in wood? Well I’ve made series of videos on woodworking. I’ve had over 50 years’ experience in carpentry and joinery, I’ve made some weird and wonderful things. I’ve made craved doors to barn doors to staircases to fitting out a complete church. But you won’t need any experience, you just do some basic measuring, the tools I will show you how to buy, use, sharpen and maintain these tools with safety guidelines.

In this course we make a garden gate. In my other courses I’ve chosen a range of projects, These projects are not fanciful, whimsical novelties but actual additions to your home or someone else’s! But the key word is adaptability, a good proportion of the tutorials are made up of learning skills and knowledge that you will pick up like tool skills, advice on timber buying, and learning some ‘tricks of the trade’ you can then go on to make other projects taking these skills with you. Again don’t worry if you have no experience.


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