2020 Professional Woodworkers Shop Tour

By craftshome / 6. June 2020

Check out my 2020 Shop Tour of my Professional Woodworkers Shop! After completing some awesome shop projects in the last 14 months, I wanted to share the layout of my shop. I have been doing custom furniture and home remodeling for around 6 years, and workflow is crucial to actually make money. This video is how my shop laid out and what has worked for me for the last 14 months!
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If you Like my workshop you’re going to love my Shop Project Videos!
– ULTIMATE Miter Saw Station – https://youtu.be/BvNHq26neEM
– ULTIMATE Outfeed Table – https://youtu.be/1DjEV_ZLZhI
– Epic Workshop Transformation – https://youtu.be/X3sGdhjezgE
– Drill Charging Station – https://youtu.be/Jkh8S0i79PA

Workshop Project Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6r_4s0L34MOQuQeVejzZ9lxLeRVJ_Kto

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American Greenlight – http://bit.ly/JM_AmericanGreenLight
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Workshop Plan Bundle – https://johnmalecki.com/product/ultimate-workshop-storage-plan-bundle/
Miter Station – https://johnmalecki.com/product/ultimate-miter-station-plan/
Outfeed Table – https://johnmalecki.com/product/ultimate-workbench-outfeed-table-plan/
Drill Charging Station – https://johnmalecki.com/product/drill-station-storage-plan/
Adjustable Clamp Rack – https://johnmalecki.com/product/adjustable-clamp-rack/

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