What Is Needed To Kill Covid 19 In The Home

There is an outbreak of a Novel strain on the Covid 19 Virus at the present time as everyone knows. With supplies in high demand and short supply, there are many questions we are asking ourselves, like if you don’t have a certain item and you cannot get that item can you use something else for a substitute and is so is that substituted product approved by the CDC? I had many of these unanswered questions myself and thankfully I found this wonderful video by Dr. Van Dyken and her husband Russell who made a video full of factual information from the CDC in Atlanta and other agencies and they describe everything you may have in your home that will kill Covid 19 and they also tell you in depth how to use these products, such as how long the products must stay on the surfaces to actually kill Covid 19. There are many useful links provided by Dr. Van Dyken such as How To Clean And Disinfect From The CDC, Covid 19 Situation Reports from The WHO, The WHO Recipe For Hand Sanitizer, and The EPA and The CDC Approved List Of Cleaners (this one is super helpful. The video is also full of really helpful ideas and spoken in a very plain down to Earth way that can help you navigate what seems to be a minefield of information.

In the video, you will learn about the killing power of Hydrogen Peroxide which has not been talked about a lot during this outbreak.

How to kill Covid 19 using vinegar

Also, Dr. Van Dyken talks about a very little talked about acid that kills envelope viruses called Vinegar! That’s right folks plain old white distilled vinegar.

How to kill Covid 19 according to the WHO and The CDC and the EPA

I hope everyone will watch this because it is very educational and you may find it very helpful.

What Is Needed To Kill Covid 19 In The Home

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