Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Going Broke!

Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Going Broke!

As a
couple, there is nothing more exciting than your wedding. It is going to be the
pinnacle of your relationship. It is also the most important day of your life.
There is only going to be that one day wherein you are saying those vows and
making promises with each other. Both of your families are going to be there,
along with everyone else you cared the most. The place or church is draped with
the usual wedding colors, and everyone would be smiling at the couple. It is
the event of the year, and possibly your entire life.

there is just one problem: it can get expensive. On average, weddings in the
USA tend to cost more than $30,000. There are a lot of aspects though that
makes this so much higher. Furthermore, there are expenses that you might not
be privy to yet. It is just going to be apparent after you have already done
the event. Some couples even ended up in debt because they did not expect to
spend a lot more than what they have planned.

It is
important to balance what you want versus what you can afford. That is a sad
idea, but it is the reality of life. Unless you are a billionaire, then this
wedding would cost some money. It would be wise to save way before the event
itself as you need to prepare all of it. If you think that it is too much
preparation, then it would be worse if you don’t do it. You should be able to
control the spending that is appropriate for both of you. 

Saving the Date

are many ways that you can save some extra bucks from your wedding. Remember,
it doesn’t have to be extravagant. The occasion is just a formality for couples
to celebrate their love for one another. It should not be a headache before,
during and after the wedding. Here are some ways that you can still control
your expenses on such a large event.

  1. Avoid “peak”

it or not, the date you will choose for your wedding will affect the entire
cost. How so you may ask? Well, it is because of the peak season. Certain
months like June and December are known as wedding months, especially June.
Many locations and services are known to jack up their prices during these
times. Some would even change their prices if they know that it is going to be
a wedding. It can be quite challenging to schedule it somewhere in between, but
you can always choose a long weekend for your celebrations.

  • Choose
    your event location wisely

important aspect that you need to consider is the location of your wedding. You
can always choose a hotel or an event center for it. You may want to follow the
previous tip for this one. There are also some public spaces like parks and
other locations that can be quite cheaper. If your house has a wide backyard,
then you can do the even there as well. Bonus points if it is your new house
since it is going to be a double celebration. It is also technically free since
you own the location. You would have more freedom in choosing what’s going to
happen and the decorations that need to be done.

  • Invite only a few guests

this is an important event, there are bound to be guests that you would want to
invite. Choose only the ones that you think are closest to you. Family and a
few chosen friends are enough to make your day complete. You do not have to
invite all of your ex-classmates, people from work and the whole neighborhood
to make it more extravagant. An intimate occasion would be great for weddings,
as you do not have to deal with a lot of people then you should have to. It
would also make it easier to budget the entire thing since the guest list is
quite limited. 

  • Have simpler rings

Rings are also important since it is going to be on the most important part of the entire ceremony. However, you do not have to buy the most expensive rings to signify your love. You do not even have to buy the ones with all the precious jewels. Although these would most certainly be pretty, it can also look quite simple yet still elegant. There are many ring options out there to choose from. One of which is a ring like the ones available from our store. Their looks can compare to your diamonds and golds without the bank-breaking price tag.

  • Design the event as much
    as possible

It is
time to get the DIY pants on! Although hiring a planner and organizer would
make things easier, it is so much better when you do most of it yourself. You
can make it a family or friend activity. Letting them join in the process of building
the entire event makes it even more memorable to those involved. You can
proudly say that you designed your wedding, and that is as intimate as it gets.


As we
have mentioned before, you do not need to have a big and extravagant wedding to
make you feel better. Yes, it can be a once in a lifetime event, but you can
always make it budget-friendly for both of you. It doesn’t have to be a dream
wedding; being with your partner and walking down that aisle should already be
a dream come true.

though we are saying that you do not have to pay a heavy price for everything,
you can always go all out. As long as you have the budget for it, then go ahead
and let yourself splurge. However, if it doesn’t feel right for you, then don’t
spend all that much anyway. It is your wedding, and you decide to keep it
simple or extravagant. The opinions of other people should not matter with your
happiness. You are the one going through the entire thing, so you have the
right to do what you want.

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