IT’S A LEAP YEAR! 21 Fun Leap Day Activities!

By craftshome / 19. February 2020

Leap Day Activites

Can you believe it is a leap year this year?  A lot has changed in four years!  A leap year means 366 days this year…one extra day to PAR-TAY!!!  So here are 21 fun leap day activities to make that extra day extra fun!

(P.S.  Did you know frogs are the unofficial leap day mascot?  It’s true!)

21 Fun Leap Day Activities!

1. Throw a leap day party!

Leap day activities

2. Do a leap day time capsule

Leap day 2

3. Make yummy frog-inspired leap treats

Leap day 3

4. Read The Leap Year Book by Barbara Sutton-Smith

Leap day 4

5. Set up a leap day obstacle course!

Leap day 5

6. Leap day frog puppet

Leap day 6

7. Make origami frogs and then have a frog race!

Leap day activities

8. Have some pond punch  using 2 liters of ginger ale, 1 container of frozen lemonade, 1 large can of pineapple juice, and 1 quart of lime sherbet.  Yum!

Leap day 8

9. Make a frog out of a watermelon and fill it with fruit.

Leap day 9

10. Frog styrofoam cup craft

Leap day 10

11. Froggy plate

Leap day 11

12. Leap day frog apple snack

Leap day activities

13. Have frog sandwiches for lunch or dinner.

Leap day 13

14. Play leap frog, musical lily pads, or lily pad leap.

Leap day 14

15. Make these gorgeous (and easy!) tissue paper lily pads for decorations.

Leap day 15

16. Play frog jump

Leap day 16

17. Turn a cardboard box into a frog bean bag toss!

Leap day 17

18. Give out leap day goodies or gifts.

Leap day 18

19. Hoppy Leap Day! Put leap year into perspective for kids…cute kids activities here.

Leap day 19

20. Free printable board game

Leap day 20

21. Free leap day printables for snacks

Leap day 21


Happy (or should I say “Hoppy&#8221😉 Leap Year Everyone!  And for those of you with leap year birthdays…may you stay forever young!


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