How to Plan A Surprise Anniversary Party Right

By craftshome / 18. February 2020

How to Plan A Surprise Anniversary
Party Right

If there is one thing that could be the
most challenging part of any marriage, it is maintaining the relationship. It
is easier to start a relationship than to make it last as it requires more
work. However, this can be said as a great accomplishment for couples since not
everyone can make it far into the relationship. Some even fail during the
“honeymoon stage” even if this is the most volatile part of any relationship.
Building something that would last requires time, patience and understanding
between parties. It should be something that you should be working

Most couples do celebrate anniversaries
as this can be considered their milestones during the relationship. It
signifies how long it lasted and the reasons why it lasted that long. In the
modern world, some couples even measure the length of their relationship by
weeks, months or even days. However, the original would always be the
anniversaries, as it will for many years to come.

Meanwhile, you might want to celebrate
your anniversary as husband and wife. As you are a romantic, you may want to
surprise him or her for this particular celebration. It can be something to
take you away from your usual stresses. Any kind of celebration would be a cure
for all of that. You would be surrounded by the people you love, and the
surprise can make your partner happy. Below are some basics that you can follow
if you want to make it right.

Tips  in Planning the Perfect
  1. Prepare Your Budget

If there is one thing that you should
do first is to prepare the budget that you need for this event. It does not
have to be the most extravagant party that you will ever host, as you can still
do that for other years. You can have a nice and enjoyable party without all
the fuss. With that being said, it is still important to prepare some money for
the preparation. You would need food, decorations, the venue (if you are
renting), etc. It might not be much, but you would still cash out for some of
these things. Sure, you can save some by just celebrating in your home.

  • Make a Guest List

Another important part of the
celebration is the guest list. Depending on your budget, you can make it as
short or long as you want to, This also depends on your location, as you do not
want to cram everyone in a small space or leave a lot open. You might also want
to take into consideration whether your partner likes large groups of people or
not. Otherwise, you can make it into an intimate event that you and the closest
ones you love will truly enjoy. It can just be dinner and nothing else. The
real celebration would be on the bed anyway.

  • Choose the Best Date and Time

As an anniversary, there is a specific
date that it falls on the calendar and it would be best to follow it. However,
as adults, we all have schedules to follow. If it falls on a workday, then you
either need to schedule the celebration at night or on the weekend. On the
other hand, if you want to have a larger ceremony, then it would be perfect to
just move it on a non-working day as well. You might want to propose once again
with that ring you got from Solid Wood Rings. It can be a great addition to
your celebration. A second wedding would be perfect especially if you have been
together for years.

  • Choose a Theme

This can be tricky, as most would think
that this is just for other events. Who says that you can’t have an outrageous
theme for your anniversary though? You can align the theme with both of your
interests. For example, you can turn your anniversary into a Star Wars theme
event. It would not just be enjoyable to you, but relatable to most of your
guests as well. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has never heard of
it. Also, you can coincide with traditional themes like the ones for each
milestone of the relationship: paper for the first year of marriage, cotton for
the second, etc.

  • Plan Out the Event Sequence

As mentioned before, you do not need to
make a big deal out of this. You can always just enjoy it slowly with close
family and friends. On the other hand, if you want a grand celebration, then
you need to plan out what would happen during the event. You might need to have
an organizer assist you in conceptualizing the entire thing. The guests cannot
just sit and wait until the food arrives; something must be done to entertain
them as well. It can be a part of the surprise, too.

Anniversaries Happen Only Once a Year

This is a special occasion for everyone
involved. It might have been a year or more than five decades, but being in a
long-term relationship should always be celebrated. As long as the couple is
happy, then there is nothing wrong with celebrating it with and for them. As a
partner, this surprise (if it works) would surely be a part of your most
cherished memories. Be aware though, your husband or wife might return the
favor in the future. 

However, you don’t have to believe that
it is mandatory to have a luxurious event for this. It can be a good thing for
all the people involved but you would need to prepare for it financially.
Organizing an event like that would also be additional stress, but it could be
worth it if you want to see your partner happy. Meanwhile, you can always have
a smaller celebration without all the fuss and glamor. It can just be a nice
lunch in a nearby restaurant or a small home-cooked meal to be shared with
other family members. It is more important than you actually remembered and
cared enough to prepare the event for your loved one. 

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