DIY Modern Raised Planter Box

By craftshome / 16. February 2020

Planter boxes are so attractive on a patio and I had been looking high and low for the right ones to complete my outdoor decor. I found this video on Youtube for these beautiful modern planter boxes and I ordered the plans from Crafted Workshop for $4.99. The materials used and step by step directions are in the plans and they are well worth a simple download. So a brief summary description is the best way to tell you how wonderful this planter idea is.


  • For this build he used
  • 6 Cedar (1 x 4s)
  • 3 Cedar (1 x 2s)
  • A Pressure Treated 2 x 6
  • Some 2″ Angled Iron
  • The cost of the iron and steel is roughly $120

Outline Of Build:

Get boards and build short end pannels.

Make Modern Raised Planter Boxes for the patio

Then build long box side panels.

Make Modern Raised Planter Boxes for the patio

Then you just put your box together and lay some wire across the bottom, then install your steel side braces,

Make Modern Raised Planter Boxes for the patio

This is a gorgeous little DIY and turns out so beautifully. The DIY Modern Planters looked great on my patio although I had to bet my Brother in Law who is a beer drinking master wood crafter to make them for me, but he really did an excellent job and everything went according to the plans we downloaded. I had to rent a truck to get them over to my house and halfway through the trip home I realized i really wanted to make them into a miniature food garden and the cedar they are made of would be a built in pest repellant.

DIY Modern Raised Planter Box


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