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How to transition your Winter wardrobe to Spring (without breaking the bank!)

By craftshome / 13. February 2020

***This post is sponsored by Walmart and RewardStyle. All opinions are our own. We love Walmart!***

Just the other day, I had a conversation with a friend about how this time of year (Think: February/March) always gets us in a funk. We’re sick of the coldness of winter, and just WAITING for the first day of Spring. It seems like our kids will NEVER be able to play in the sunshine again, and let’s not even discuss the pasty winter skin accentuating the dark circles under my eyes! Ugh!
The one exciting part of this time of year is when the Spring clothing starts to hit the shelves! You start to see pops of pastel color, bright prints, florals, and even sandals…all with the promise of warmer weather just around the corner. 

I was super excited to see some Spring flavor hitting the shelves of Walmart! I can not tell you how many good things I have found at Walmart lately. Some of my favorite newer brands are slaying the fashion game with wearable styles, high quality fabrics and budget friendly prices. I love that you can find so many options online and most ship to your door in 2 days! That’s incredible! I can always find the best pieces for my whole family at Walmart. It’s truly one stop shopping.

I wanted to share a few ideas for transitioning your winter wardrobe to a spring friendly one. I love adding a few pieces to switch things up just a bit and allow my, and my children’s wardrobe to be worn multiple seasons.

1. Add a pop of color on your feet

My waistline might change a little season to season, but the one thing I can count on staying the same? My shoe size. You can never go wrong with adding a fun new shoe to your repertoire when the weather starts to change. Adding a pop of color is always a fun way to accessorize and spice up an otherwise neutral outfit. I found these pink, short rain boots and knew they were PERFECT for the next few months. Not only are they darling (Can you EVEN with that pink?), but they’re also practical. Around here, things always get a little wet as Spring approaches, and I love that you can just hose these down any time!
I also snagged these matching pink shoes for my daughter. She loves that we have matching colored shoes and I LOVE that she can get these cute slip on sneakers on all by herself. 

2. Wear a cropped or skimmer denim.

Denim is something we are all wearing YEAR round. Want to welcome Spring? Shorten the length of the denim! A little cropped length is always a good idea. You can still wear them with boots, but as the weather turns warmer, they pair perfectly with sandals as well. This season, we’re seeing a lot more relaxed fit. I can’t rave enough about these boyfriend, higher waist style. The quality is AMAZING. The wash, the whiskering, the placement of the “destroyed” areas – all perfectly on point. I also REALLY loved that the high waist was great for tucking in all the post-baby tummy areas. These jeans are 5/5 in my book!


As for your kids, a denim gaucho is a fun way to go. My daughter scored these new ones, that came as a set, and of course, they are beyond darling! One other plus to this style? As they grow taller, the jeans grow with them! They’re already cropped, so they won’t look like high waters. Anything my kids can wear for longer than one season, I’m a huge fan of! This set was a fan favorite. We all love it!

3. Layer, Layer, Layer. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to classify an outfit as “just summer” or “just winter”. Don’t forget the power of combining those two! Layer everything you own! Throw on a jacket in a fun color or print. Like this blush anorak style version I scored my daughter. She can layer this with a thick sweater or a light tee depending on the every changing weather this time of year. 

Plus, how fun is that pop of pattern on the lining? Give this girl ALL the butterflies!

I wanted in on the jacket fun too, so I opted for a more neutral color. This jacket is one that when I wear it out, EVERYONE asks about it.  Can you see the subtle pattern? Yep. Camo. I absolutely love that neutral colors almost disguise the pattern, but it’s still there and, oh so fun. I also have to comment on the high quality of this jacket. It even has sleeves complete with a THUMBHOLE. Details like that impress me so much. I’ve seen similar coats for 4x this price. Total win! This is quickly becoming one of my most favorite pieces in my wardrobe!

4. Pick a sweater in a lighter hue.

Sweaters are a staple in winter, but carry those sweaters over to Spring by choose colors that are more spring-y. Instead of olive, choose a mint green. Instead of navy, choose a sky blue. Sometimes even a subtle change in color can make a world of different. This sweater is offered in a few fun hues, and I absolutely ADORE the sleeve detail. See how it kind of balloons and then gathers at the wrist? Adds a wonderful touch!

There you have it. 4 easy ways to transition that wardrobe to spring, without breaking the bank!
Be sure to be checking Walmart often as they add more and more exciting Spring arrivals!

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