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6 Tips for Faster Woodworking | Olive Slab Table Build

By craftshome / 13. February 2020

This video is full of tips to speed up your builds! I highlight time saving tips to woodwork faster while I built a triangular olive slab table at Lakeside Woodwork’s shop. This was a collab with Bruce Ulrich and he built another table from the same slab with different features and even more tips on how to woodwork faster!

Article: http://ycmt2.com/blog/OliveTable-BuildFaster

Bruce’s build: bruceaulrich.com/blog/live-edge-end-table-w-steel-legs
Bruce’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/brudaddy
Lakeside’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/lakesidewoodworksky

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Motion Graphics/Plans: JP @ https://www.youtube.com/foxhallwoodworks
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Tips for working faster!
1. Start with a simple build, a wood table with metal base is always a winner and hair pin legs can make it an easy afternoon project.
2. If you need to stabilize any cracks or bad spots, use tinted bondo or CA to keep moving fast, they dry quick!
3. Keep commonly used hardware and components on hand so you can build with what’s on hand.
4. Use a quick drying finish, I like TotalBoat Halcyon (“YouCanMT2” for 15% off totalboat.com). For many finishes, a UV light can be used to quick cure them.
5. Instead of clamps, use screws or brad nails for glue ups so you can keep moving.
6. On dense or thick material that can burn easily, cut outside your line then use a light spring pass cut to get remove the burning instead of sanding it away.

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