5 Ways Men Propose to Get that Sweet YES

By craftshome / 13. February 2020

5 Ways Men Propose to Get that Sweet


Weddings are one of the most beautiful
and one-time events that anyone could ever experience. It is the intimate
joining of both people who agreed to be with each other for as long as they
both shall live. Even though some people deem this as frivolous and
unimportant, a wedding is a symbol of love between two people. It just makes it
more official in the eyes of the law. Once the kiss has been done and
signatures are set, then the couple is officially married. However, before all
of this, there might have been a lot of events that led to this conclusion.

If there is one thing that men dread
the most during this time, it is the proposal. You may call it a Schrodinger’s
dilemma, as the answer will always be yes or no unless you pop the question. As
a guy, there is nothing more horrifying or humiliating than getting rejected
right when you are on your knees. It is for this reason why some would do
anything to get that sweet yes from their lover. It doesn’t matter though even
if the ring is from Simply Wood Rings. As beautiful and elegant as they are,
that would mean nothing if the woman says NO.

If you are planning to propose to your
girl, there are some ways that you can employ to ensure the YES. Before that,
you need to know your woman’s preference. This could determine which one of
these would work best with her. Aside from this, you have to be confident and
keep that ring secured until the moment that you were waiting for.

Your Choice of Proposal

  1. The Public Proposal

This is also known as the one that goes
viral all the time. It is also said that the woman would be under pressure to
say yes because there are thousands of people watching both of you. It can be
during a game, concert, or even just in the middle of the sidewalk. However,
this is more effective in conjunction with a public event, If you have done
this in a concert, for example, the celebrity holding it might notice and out
you on stage! It can be the experience of a lifetime. If you do not mind being
internet stars the next day, then you might want to take this option.

  • The One Where the Family is Involved

Here is a more classic technique. You
may invite all of, your family to one location and it is up to you if you want
to tell them anything. Popping the question in the middle of your family
members is a more intimate experience. You would also have the chance to let
them join and support both of you in your future. Don’t let it coincide with
another major celebration about another family member though like a birthday or
another couple’s anniversary. Unless you have their permission, your proposal
might be viewed as rude.

  • The Prepared Location

You may combine this one with the
previous option, or you can just have it with just both of you. Take her to a
secluded area, maybe somewhere with a scenic view like at the beach or cliff.
Having it decorated and someone playing romantic music in the background helps
a lot. You can tell her about all the things that you have been through and the
feelings that you have for her. Once you reach the place, then you can ask the
question. This is more focused on both of you as a couple and would be a more
sentimental experience if it all goes well. 

  • The Sentimental Time and Place

Speaking of sentimental, there must be
a place that means something to both of you. This can be the place where you
first met, where you grew up, hand your first date, etc. As long as something
is tying you to that certain location, then it can be the perfect location for
a proposal. You can prepare it beforehand as well, to make it even more
memorable to both of you. It can lead to a walkthrough of memories that you
have and how you got to this point. If she or both of you are hopeless
romantics, then this might be the best option for you. 

  • The Unexpected Proposal

This is the most exciting one
especially if you are the impulsive kind. You can combine the other options
here and create a bombastic experience that you would never forget. After all,
you can just pop the question anytime and she would not have a clue. Then, once
you do it, they would probably be so stunned that they would end up saying yes
anyway. It is for those who like to act spontaneously, but not irrationally.
Who knows when you will get married? That’s the exciting part. 

Before Getting Married

Arguably, the easiest part of the
proposal is the actual proposal itself. Deciding and planning it will comprise
most of your worries. Unless you want to be the unexpected, this is going to be
the turning point in both of your lives. It is not an easy decision to decide
that you want to be a part of this person’s life forever. For this one, you
need to think about it more than just once or twice. It is going to change both
of your lives, and you might probably end up adding more into your little
family. To say that this decision is not easy is an understatement.

It is also important to know whether
you want to get married. Some people are just slaves to their emotions and
would end up getting married after a few weeks of knowing each other. Being
married is not just like being a couple; you are now legally bound by law.
Unless you have signed a prenuptial agreement, you would end up sharing each
other’s property. There are also a lot of other changes that you need to keep
track of as you continue living as a married couple. The proposal is just the
start of your journey, and you would want to stick around until the end.

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