Learn To Sew A DIY Small Zipper Pouch

By craftshome / 31. December 2019

The very best thing about this DIY Small Zipper Pouch is that it has a closure so it makes a nice change holder, it goes straight from purse to purchase! I couldn’t wait to make one for my daughter’s lunch money. I started the project by getting my materials together, 2 fabric squares for the outside, 2 fabric squares for the inside, 2 squares of fusible interfacing, 1 zipper larger than your squares. The sewing instructions are really easy to follow, you just cut out your outer fabric layer and stiff interfacing and start sewing. You can use softer interfacing for a Zipper Pouch you would just be used for transport, but if you want your zipper pouch to stand up on the desk as an attractive holder, use heavy fusible interfacing. The fusible is also an option, but I find these projects go more smoothly and look better with a fusible you can iron right onto the fabric, it becomes a much more durable component to your project. The zipper instructions are also very good, zippers can be tricky and the sewing method shown in the video is super quick and self-explanatory. I loved everything about this project, I think you will too. You first attach all layers of fabric and fusible interfacing to your zipper.

Learn To Sew a DIY Zipper Pouch

Then you trim a bit off while your project is inside out.

Learn To Sew a DIY Zipper Pouch

Then I turned it right side out and finished the lining seam that I used to turn it and it looked amazing, my daughter is so happy because she just started a drawing class at The Dougherty Arts Center in Austin, Texas. She needed so many things, but first and foremost, she needed to keep up with her money along with her supplies, and I had to get a lot of supplies for her class like a set of charcoal pencils, a set of Copic markers, and Prism Color fine drawing markers. These were expensive items, just waiting to get lost, so I had to think of a container that fits nicely into her book bag but also was tall enough for the largest markers. I scoured Youtube and found this terrific DIY Small Zipper Pouch, it was big enough for her change and it had a zipper at the top, to keep her change in place.

DIY Small Zipper Pouch

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