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Rural Woodworking Tool Restoration | Hand Forged From File

By craftshome / 1. December 2019

Quick and easy restoration of a real nice, hand made, woodworking tool I found at a flea market. Being in such bad shape I was able to buy this one for just 1€. So this was a real happy find for me! I love to bring back to like and to use this kind of stuff and it’s the perfect opportunity for some more wood lathe work to make new handles.

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Index of operation and materials:
0:42 Remove rust with steel wire wheel on my big bench grinder https://youtu.be/8V9f0DIkb90
1:10 Here you can see it is forged out of a file or a rasp
1:20 Straighten the tang, very easy with just a bit of heat for such a small mass
1:30 The small and tall anvil is always super handy https://youtu.be/KM8XD1PLKd4
1:50 Re grind bevels on 2×72 belt grinder
2:35 Hand sand up to 1200 grit sandpaper
3:13 Buff with cotton wheel and fine polishing coumpound
3:40 Cut piece of random wood for the handles
4:13 Turning the handles with the wood lathe https://youtu.be/96MBb5MQwJU
5:10 I decided to try out the homemade ball turner that came with the lathe, works well but I need to set it up more perpendicular to the work if I want to make real balls and not eggs!
6:42 Seal the wood with ca glue, repeat three times
7:27 Press brass ferrule, pleased with the fit, very snug!
7:50 Drill tang hole with Rosa drill press https://youtu.be/BZmqVw7MJsg
8:28 Grind tangs to shape, cross section matches the hole, with the top part a bit wider for a good press fit. I have this kind of fit on other similar tools and never came loose
9:30 A bit of boiled linseed oil for protection and finish

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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