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Creative Woodworking Projects | Bumper Garden DIY Course

By craftshome / 17. November 2019

In this bumper woodworking course, you will learn how to build three wooden garden planters: a simple planter, a more decorative planter and then a stackable vegetable planter.

Develop your skills

We’ll start off learning how to build a simple planter made out of decking boards. This course assumes no prior knowledge, so everything is explained in full and you no DIY experience. Once we’ve created the first planter, we will develop our skills further and apply them in building a much more decorative version of the first planter.

The good thing about both of these planters is that the materials required are relatively inexpensive, and the tools you’ll need can be found in any DIY shop and can be bought without spending a fortune. Because the materials are affordable, the projects in this course are great for developing and improving your DIY skills. The skills you learn can be applied to other DIY projects too.

As well as garden planters, I’ll show you how to build a very simple but very useful stackable vegetable planter. This planter can be completely bespoke, and you can make it as tall or short as you like, and arrange it into an array of different designs. I’ve called it a vegetable planter as it is ideal for creating your own home allotment, but it can actually be used for growing anything you like.

Budding carpenters

This course is perfect for the complete beginner and is ideal for developing your skills as a DIY carpenter without spending a fortune.


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