Sharpening Chisels and Plane Irons

By craftshome / 9. November 2019

Sharpening wood working tools is a huge topic, but where do you start if you just want to get the fundamental principles under your belt? There is so much confusing information out there and much of it conflicting.

This short course is designed to give you the information to get you under way in a clear, concise and easy to follow tutorial. Once you understand the reasons behind the basic principles you will be able to quickly develop your sharpening skills and take your wood working to a higher level.

It is very easy to leave our chisels and planes for too long before we sharpen them. This makes the sharpening and honing process a long winded and often dreaded task. But, there is another way! With regular honing, that should take seconds, your sharpening processes will be kept to just a few minutes in your working day, giving you more time to make things with your razor sharp tools.

This short course covers a lot of ground though; I will talk about the sharpening stones and honing guides, demonstrate sharpening techniques by hand and machine as well as giving some theory behind the processes.

In the course I will “rescue” a chisel that I have really let go. It has been used for everything except its true purpose in life. I will bring it back from the brink to demonstrate how these techniques can transform a damaged chisel back to a super sharp tool to be proud of.

This course is aimed at the beginner wanting to advance and progress but also there is valuable information in the course that more experienced carpenters and joiners will benefit from.


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