Top 7 Holiday Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Her Hair

Can you believe it?
The holidays are just around the corner!

If you havent started thinking about hair gifts for your bestie, daughter, mother, or grandmother… 
What are you waiting for?
Yes, it can be exhausting to find that perfect gifteven for yourselfbut dont worry
The research has been done for you!
Without further adoheres the top 7 holiday gift ideas for the woman who loves her hair:


  1. Best Value-Packed Gift Set: 

Whats better than a bundle of best-selling hair products? The Lange Best Sellers bundle!  Its the absolute best gift set for the woman who has little to no time (which is everyone!) for keeping hair in tip-top shape. It helps keep hair full, refreshed, and protected against heat damage. 

Heres whats inside:

  • Root Booster refreshes roots and adds lush fullness so hair is oh-so-soft and touchable.
    • Clear Dry Shampoo Clear dry shampoo! What else is there to say?!
    • Rival Heat Shield  – Dont even think about heat styling without protection! Spray this on hair before styling with hair dryers, curling wands, or flat irons. 

    This hair care set is bundled together at a super-low price for ultra-high value, making it a must-have every hair lover needs!


    1. Best Premium Curling Wand (Minus the Markup): 

    No sponges were harmed in the making of the Titanium Ondulé,  which is why its not your grandmas (or your moms) way of curling hair! Easily curl hair into lush, long-lasting waves with this premium curling wand. It keeps the perfect temp, making curling hair a breeze. 

    The pure titanium barrel makes it ideal if your hair is thicker or harder to curl, and you can choose between two width sizes: 

    • 1 in. (25mm) for crafting bouncy bombshell volume
    • 1.25 in. (32mm) for creating loose, relaxed beachy waves 

    The titanium Ondulé is the modern, affordable way to achieve an effortless chic look.


    1. Best Traceless Affair of the Hair: 

    The cute brand with the unusual name, invisibobble hair ties mean a delightful hair affair with no tangles and creases! The ties stay in place and wont slip, meaning no headaches or split ends, all in a variety of styles:

    1. Everyday

    Perfect on any occasion and with anything: the Original, the Slim, the color-changing Magic Mermaid, the enchantingly colorful Kids, or the limited-edition Time to Pink.

    1. Styling

    Elevate any hair style with the Waver and Nano, alternatives to the hair clip and bobby pin; the Bunstar, a buns best friend; and the Bowtique, a fresh take on

    the hair bow. 

    1. Sport

    Features the extra-strong Power for anyone with thick hair or an active lifestyle,  and the Multiband, a 2-in-1 headband with an integrated hair ring.

    Its an affair of the hair that leaves no trace!


    1. Best Way to Express Your Colorful Self:

    Thanks to the rise of inspirational stories and images throughout social media, bright hair color is now trendy and mainstream.

    oVertone is a hair-healthy alternative to dye to help you get head-turning hair color or maintain already-vibrant color.

    They offer two main coloring options:

    • Coloring Conditioner, perfect when coloring hair for the first time or, in their words, whenreviving hella fadedcolors.
    • Daily Conditioner, designed to maintain any gorgeous existing shade

    For anyone with a really creative knack, the Custom kit is an even better gift. It allows the freedom to mix colors in any ratio or to focus on one tone by alternating between two different colors.


    1. Best Quick Way to Eliminate Frizz: 


    The Le Vite Straightening Brush is a must-have frizz-fighter. 
    Its changed the styling game by getting rid of frizz with just 1 pass. Its super easy to use (just brush your hair like normal) and because it uses indirect heat, its safe enough for even the little ones in the family.

    Le Vite  has ceramic bristles that heat up strands from the inside. So what, you say? This preserve hairs moisture for major shine.

    Works on all types of hairstraight, wavy, curled, even coiled!


    1. Best Way to Embrace Second-Day Hair

    Headbands are backand better than ever. They add style and charm to any outfit or look, and they allow the face and eyes to take center stage. Brands like ASOS, J. Crew, and Claires all offer plenty of gift ideas for any bestie(s) looking to accentuate their look for a party, date, or night out with you. You can find a TON on Amazon too.  Choose from a variety of festively fierce fashion-forward patterns, beautiful bold bows and bandana prints, or silky satin skinny sequined alice bands. No matter the print, material, color, or pattern, youre sure to find the gift that will embrace second-day hair.


    1. Best Styling Tool for Any Styling Mood: 

    If you know someone who likes to change up their look on the dailythen the Aplatir will help take their creativity to another level. This efficient flat iron glides through hair without snagging or pulling. This means fewer passes to get the sleek, straight look anyone desires. Yet, the versatile Aplatir  features the ability to do more. Its rounded edges and compact design make it a breeze to also create soft flowing waves. Its even got an easy dial to choose the right temperature for even more control.  Itll quickly become the daily styling go-to for the woman who likes her hairstyle to match her mood!

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