Pumpkin Decorating Idea- Paint Gingham Pumpkins

So pumpkins are sort of country no matter what you do with them, but when it comes to decorating pumpkins with country flair, this gingham painted pumpkin really caught my eye this year. I just made a few of these with Funkins from the craft store so I would be able to enjoy these gingham pumpkins for at least a few years. Whether you want to use a faux pumpkin or a real one, this simple painting idea can net you a gingham checked pumpkin in less than an hour.

Paint a few in different colors for a welcoming porch decor idea or make a centerpiece of them before that big Halloween party you are throwing. Halloween decorating can be so much fun, and getting to paint pumpkins was certainly enjoyable for me, especially since this technique can be done by the nonartistic type like me.

This step by step Youtube video tutorial shows you how to make one for your home. Learn how.

How to Paint A Gingham Pumpkin

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