Our Tiny Journey – Welcome to Colorado!

By craftshome / 5. October 2019

Welcome to Colorado!

We arrived in early May, welcomed with perfect weather and open arms; Korey’s Mom was probably more excited about us moving than anyone else. She couldn’t wait to have her grandkids around all the time.

Moving two kids, under 3 years old, and 3 dogs 1,081.5 miles is no cake walk. I am VERY happy that isn’t ever happening again!

When we were in LA Korey spent a lot of time working as a sous chef (like 55+ hours a week.) We were blessed enough for him to be offered a job as executive chef here in a popular fine dining restaurant. And he wouldn’t have to work as much as before! Already we were feeling like all this weight was lifting off our shoulders.

Our new life in Colorado was off to a great start! Over the next few months we saved everything we could and started our house search one more time. We looked once again for a traditional home, thinking we would have better luck finding something we would be able to make our own.

But, of course, that wasn’t in the cards for us. Towards the middle of September, with us at the end of our wits with house hunting, our tiny house appeared like a rainbow after a storm. I remember Korey telling me he found the perfect house for us, showing me the listing on his phone. I scrolled through the pictures and as I looked at each one I fell more and more in love it. That was it. We decided to see it right away. As a matter of fact, it was only two or three days after we saw that listing. Pulling up to the tiny house I think we both knew right away we were in love. It was exactly the look we wanted. The perfect mix of midcentury modern design using rustic, reclaimed materials. The same could be said for the inside. Beautiful marbled, fossilized bamboo used for the floors. All the cabinets and millwork are birch and doug fir wood. And every material on the inside and outside is 100% nontoxic. Every detail from the OSB in the SIP’s to the paint on the walls and the finish on the wood.

It had the look we wanted. But would it, in reality, be functional for a family of four?

As soon as we stepped inside our girls shot up the stairs into their loft (there was still furniture and toys from the previous owners in the house) and made themselves at home right away. Each loft is 10 ft by 10 ft giving them lots of room to sleep and play. The master loft even has floor storage and a built in dresser. And we have a king, KING, sized bed for us to sleep on! Ill admit that one compromise we made was on the head room in the lofts (for adults at least) but what we gave up in head room we gained downstairs in the living space.

There is storage everywhere you turn in the tiny house. The kitchen cabinets have drawers that pull out from the bottom. The two staircases have 3 shelves/cubbies each and there’s even a hidden drawer in the middle. One problem we had before, and one that many people face, is on top of maybe having a little too much stuff is we also just didn’t have simple storage solutions/a place to put it all. Seeing the previous owners in the house with their belongings helped give us a clearer picture of just how functional it all really is.

— And thankfully going tiny has helped us pair down to only what we really need and with all of the storage options in the tiny house, everything finally has a place.

Korey and I were on cloud nine after seeing the tiny house for the first time but we wanted to make sure we could make it work for us before we would make our final decision. Buying a house (your first home at that) is a very important decision and you and your partner should both feel 100% about your decision. So back and forth we went; pros and cons, how much we could and couldn’t afford, etc. It wasn’t until the beginning of November we decided to make our offer; and it wasn’t until after Thanksgiving when we closed but we finally got our tiny dream home!

We’ve spent the last month pairing down and moving in our things in a little at a time so as not to overwhelm ourselves. We’re also spending some time tweaking a few things to make the house even more functional for us. There will be 6 custom wood bins for some of the cubbies under the stairs and we’re going to put up some more open shelving! I’m so excited to have everything almost in place and can’t wait until we’re finally moved all in!

Along with buying our first home and the excitement of moving in, I was given this incredible opportunity to become a part of the Simply Wood Rings family. The way I fell in love with our tiny house and all of the amazing details it has is the same way every person at Simply Wood Rings feels about each beautiful ring that’s created here. Every material they use is eco-friendly sourced. They can tell you right where it came from. You can even provide your own! There’s meaning in every layer of your ring and the Simply Wood Rings team holds that close. We are grateful and understand that we have been entrusted to not only be a part of something special, but that you hold the preservation of our natural resources as dear as we do. It is fulfilling to know that we can be a part of giving the world an alternative to the traditional ring. We believe that our wood rings allow those that would have them to engage more naturally and become more connected and grounded in the things you hold dear.

In the next few blog posts we’ll go into detail about the materials we do and can use to make your Simply Wood Rings ring, and the meanings those materials hold to make each layer as unique and as special as your story.

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