Wood Ring – Refinish & Maintenance

By craftshome / 30. September 2019

If you’ve purchased a wood ring from us recently, or are thinking of doing so, please remember: Our wood rings are meant to last through the good and hard times as well as any changes that you might encounter in life, however with that being said we do suggest good wood ring care, including annual wood ring refinishing, as you learn to live with and care for your wood ring. Personally, I have two bogwood rings that I wear constantly on my pointer fingers and they get to experience life just as much as I do!  I see the marks that I make when I knock it against my desk, or somehow my hand hits a wall as if it’s a reflex of some sort I have yet to completely figure out. I am that customer that doesn’t take it off as often as I should, I shower, wash my hands and dishes as well as the occasional gardening all with my ring on.  My rings are essentially apart of me at this point, my metal and wooden ones. As I’m sure it happens to the majority of married people I feel lost without my rings even if it’s in the rare occasion I do take them off- it’s like something is missing. All this extra love does mean a little extra maintenance here and there.

Once the wood ring is back in our hands we work diligently to ensure special care is taken of it while refinishing your wood ring to its original shine or matte finish. Let’s say you’ve had your ring for a couple months and notice a slight crack in the outer layer- DO NOT PANIC, this is the outer layer which is for protective purposes and can be easily refinished to fix the issue, while this is rare it’s important to pay attention at least in the first couple months of wearing your ring. I hate to say it but some customers love their wood rings so much that they will wait years before sending in their rings, sometimes this results in us having to completely remake the ring which could result in an additional cost to, essentially, make you a new ring. So, while we do suggest to annually refinish your ring, it’s always better to do it sooner than later. Think back to why you got the ring or how you customized it to fit the needs in your life or the memory you’ve created while incorporating something from home- treat the wood ring as you would the actual memory, with care.

If any questions ever arise regarding refinishing your wood ring and you’re unsure of which Tier to pick; feel free to reach out to me (Shelby) and I can certainly talk you through it. Contact Us.

Wood Ring Care Plans

Tier One : Free Refinishing Tier 1: Free Refinishing Tier 1.5: Refinishing Tier Two : Setting Refinish & Extensive Repair Tier 2: Repair  Tier Three : Repair Ring Tier 3: Re-Wrap Tier Four : Remake Tier 4: Remake

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