16 Funny Questions To Ask Siri

By craftshome / 4. September 2019

Siri can be pretty helpful when you need directions or want to know how many teaspoons are in a gallon. But did you know she has quite a sense of humor as well? Go ahead…ask her some of these questions!

16 Funny Questions To Ask Siri

1. What are you wearing? Good olSiri…always keeping it clean.

2. What does Siri mean? Glad we cleared that one up.

3. Do you eat? A gal after my own heart.

4. Do you have a boyfriend? Great advice for all millennials to live by.

5. How much money do you make? Clever, clever.

6. Hey Siri, can you dance? Love a good pun!

7. Whats zero divided by zero. Probably my favorite one of all!

8. Will you marry me? Siri just understands relationships.

9. Hey Siri, why are fire trucks red? Get it? Lol.

10. Who let the dogs out. Touche, Siri. 

11. What does the fox say? Try saying that five times fast.

12. Hey Siri, when will the world end? If only Siri, if only. 

13. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? Huh?

14. Do you like Alexa? Very diplomatic.

15. Hey Siri, can you beatbox? Haha…very impressive!

16. Talk dirty to me. Nailed it.


Have any other funny questions to ask Siri? Feel free to add them below!

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