Knuckle Puck – “Woodwork”

By craftshome / 16. August 2019


Lyrics: “Woodwork

if I keep reaching out for what I’ve lost
then I’ll never take a look at what I’ve got
because through all of this I just get angry
at who I think it is that crossed the boundary

so from here on out I’ll watch my mouth
because I watched this slip far beyond my finger tips
and now this is all fucked to fix
but I cant let you go, I can’t let this go.

if moving on means growing up
then I can hold the longest grudge
I’ll let my sense of self trade in
for a better man to fight to win.
I’ll never let my youth cave in
for as long as I live
I’ll never let my youth cave in
this is all I have left to give

and I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back home
or if I even want to.

and since I’m coming out of the woodwork,
I thought I’d let you know all of the above.

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