A $3 Dollar Tree DIY That Belongs With Your Farmhouse Decor

So dollar store crafts were all the rage there for a minute, but then I saw at least 50 that were so not worth my time. I love a bargain, especially when it comes to craft supplies, but cheap-looking crafts and decor are certainly not my end goal. Last weekend, when I was poking through Youtube I came across this DIY lantern project that was interesting enough to try, though and I just may be back on the Dollar Tree craft bandwagon again. Super easy, super inexpensive and absolutely gorgeous, these rustic farmhouse style lanterns look just like the Pottery Barn version my friend paid $85 dollar for her set.

How to make? You need a tiny tumbling tower set, some wooden bamboo skewers and a disassembled shadow box. Get two boxes and you will have a set like me. Simply paint and glue, follow the super simple instructions from this Youtuber I just discovered but love. Once it is all dry, add a candle and some greenery to get a look that even Joanna Gaines might envy. Pretty farmhouse decor does not have to cost a fortune and this crafty DIY idea certainly proves that. What fun you are about to have making this one! Bet you can’t stop at just one, though.

Personally, I think this is the best gift idea I’ve seen lately, so I am sure to be making lots of these come Christmastime. See what you think for yourself…

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