2020 Trend Predictions: What’s Gonna Be Hot

The future holds some exciting new trends and if you want to get ahead of the game, check out whats going to be hot in 2020. These food, fashion, home, and baby name crazes are sure to rise to the top.

2020 Trend Predictions

What’s hot in food?

  • ConvenienceTheres been a huge shift in the way we get our food. Where the 1950s brought a huge wave in fast food (and McDonalds was born), todays food is all about convenience. In 2020, expect your favorite eateries and grocery stores to get even more convenient. Food delivery services will be bursting, as will meal delivery kits that come right to your door. Grocery pickups and deliveries will become even more prevalent.

  • Honest foodToday people are more and more concerned about where their food comes from what exactly goes into it. Already companies are starting to be more transparent about what ingredients go in their food and consumers are reaching for more honest options, like no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Meatless meat: Move over animals…theres a new meat in town and if youve got beef about it, too bad. Burger King recently put a meatless burger on their menu and more restaurants are expected to follow suit.
  • Collagen drinksIf youre aware of the collagen rage, youll know that you can find collagen everywhere from serums to smoothies. Dont be surprised if you start seeing more and more collagen drinks pop up in 2020.

  • Oat milkAlmond milk was so last year. The hot dairy substitute of the new decade is definitely oat milk. Youll be able to find it nearly everywhere you shop (or have your groceries picked up!).

  • Puffs and PopsAlong with the trend of convenient food, the hot 2020 trend snacks will bepuffsandpops.” Puffed snacks arent just for babies anymore! Adults and kids alike are snacking on chickpea puffs and water lily pops.

Whats hot in fashion?

  • Bright colorsThink 80s and 90s vibes reimagined in bold tops, bottoms, and accessories.
  • JumpsuitsThis trend emerged last year and its not going anywhere. Gals, be brave and step into that one-piece.

  • AthleisureWill probably never die. Athleisure is just to comfortable and functional to give up. You wont go wrong with a great pair of leggings, tennis shoes, tee, and a cross-body bag.
  • Wide, loose legs: Theyre coming back and are expected to make a big wave in 2020. Wide legs, especially in loose fabrics, are going to be a must-have item.



Whats hot in home decor?

  • Unusual-shaped mirrorsFor new decade trends, start thinking out of the box. Oversized round mirrors are going to be a big thing in home decor, along with other unusual shapes (like this cool eye mirror).
  • Yellow, mint, gray, and forest greenAs far as interior color schemes, look for yellow accents to make things bright and sunny, along with mint walls, warm grays, and dark forest green wall colors.

  • Recycled materials: Sustainability is huge for the future and that means in home decor as well. Mixing new and vintage items will be a huge trend. Browse around a thrift store to see what pieces you can curate with new ones on a shelf or desktop.
  • Formal living rooms and dining rooms are extinct: Decades ago, homes were equipped with formal living and dining rooms that were used on rare occasions. Today those extraneous rooms are all but extinct and the 2020 trend is seeing families move toward open floor plans and smaller, more functional spaces.
  • Less storageMany of todays families are downsizing, especially in larger cities, so that means getting rid of the unnecessary. With a big push toward minimalism and the fact that most of our books, documents, and music are stored digitally now, theres not a huge need for massive shelves and storage.

What baby names will emerge?

Baby names are often influenced by popular culture, but what is certain, is that unique names are trumping traditional names like John and Kate. Here are a few that may well be trending in the new decade:

  • Aurelia: In Latin, this name meansgoldenand it is a lovely twist on names like Amelia or Emily.
  • Rowan: This unisex name is strong and meansRedin Irish.
  • WrenAnother unisex name that is cool and conjures images of nature.
  • JasperEach year seems to have a prominent letter for baby names (last year was Owen and Olive) and the letter for 2020 is looking likeJ.’ Jasper…what a hip name.
  • CaspianHas a regal ring to it, as is Prince Caspian in C.S. Lewiss The Chronicles of Narnia


As always, the best trends are the ones you blaze yourself, so if these 2020 trend styles arent ringing true, go make some that do.

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